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Mainland China

The highlighted orange area in the map is what is commonly known as "Mainland China".
Mainland China , Continental China , the Chinese mainland or simply the mainland , is a geopolitical term that refers to the area under the jurisdiction of the [People's Republic of China] (PRC) on the Asian [mainland] , excluding [Hong Kong] and [Macau] , which are under the jurisdiction of the PRC but run on [different economic and political systems] . The term never includes [Taiwan] which is claimed by the PRC but is administered by the [Republic of China] (ROC).

There are two terms in Chinese for "mainland". Namely, ,, which means continent, and Neidi ,, literally inner land. In the PRC, the usage of the two terms are generally interchangeable and there is no prescribed method of reference in any jurisdiction. To emphasize "equal footing" in [cross-strait relations] , the term is used in official contexts with reference to Taiwan, with the PRC referring to itself as "the mainland side" (as opposed to "the Taiwan side"). But in its relations with Hong Kong and Macau, the PRC government refers to itself as "the Central People's Government".

In Taiwan, the usage of the term "mainland China" is often used to refer to the PRC (Hong Kong and Macau excluded), especially by the [Kuomintang] its supporters under the view that China encompasses both sides of the Taiwan Strait; in contrast, supporters of [Taiwan independence] will refer to the PRC as "China". For historical reasons - since the KMT was the long-time ruling party in Taiwan - the term is in mainstream use and does not often have political implications. However, many in Taiwan, especially supporters of Taiwan independence, avoid the term precisely because it implies that Taiwan is part of China. "Neidi" is not commonly used in Taiwan.


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