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A musician is a person who performs or writes [music] . Musicians can be classified by their roles in creating or performing music:
- An instrumentalist plays a [musical instrument] .
- A [singer] (or [vocalist] ) uses his or her [voice] as an instrument.
- [Composer] s, [songwriter] s and [arranger] s create [musical composition] s, [song] s and [arrangement] s. These may be transcribed in [music notation] , performed or recorded.
- A [conductor] leads a [musical ensemble] . A conductor can simultaneously act as an instrumentalist in the ensemble.
- A recording artist creates [recorded music] , such as [CDs] and [MP3 files] .

Types of musicians
[leader] [Percussionist]
[Recorder player]
[Sawist] (musical saw player)
[Sitar] ist
[Trumpeter] (also Trumpet player)
[Tubist] (Tuba player)
[Uillean piper]
[Violin] ist

[Vocal Percussion]

There are 4 types of families for the Orchestra.
They are Brass, Woodwind, Strings and Percussion.

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- [American Federation of Musicians]

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