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One country, two systems

" One country, two systems " is an idea originally proposed by [Deng Xiaoping] , then [Paramount Leader] of the [People's Republic of China (PRC)] , for the [reunification of China] during the early 1980s. He suggested that there would be only [one China] , but areas such as [Hong Kong] , [Macau] and [Taiwan] could have their own [ capitalist] economic and political systems, while the rest of China uses the " [socialist] " system. Under the suggestion, Taiwan could continue to have its own political system, legal, military, economic and financial affairs, including commercial and cultural agreements with foreign countries, and would enjoy "certain rights" in foreign affairs.

Hong Kong and Macau

In 1984, [Deng Xiaoping] proposed to apply the principle to Hong Kong in the negotiation with the [British Prime Minister] , [Margaret Thatcher] over the future of Hong Kong when the lease of the [New Territories] (including [New Kowloon] ) of Hong Kong to the [United Kingdom] was to expire in 1997. The same principle was proposed in talks with [Portugal] about Macau.

The principle is that, upon reunification, despite the practice of " [socialism] " in [mainland China] , both Hong Kong and Macau, which were colonies of the UK and Portugal respectively, can retain their established system under a high degree of autonomy for at least 50 years after reunification. What will happen after 2047 (Hong Kong) and 2049 (Macau) has never been publicly stated.

Chapter 1, Article 5 of the [Hong Kong Basic Law] , the [constitutional document] of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, reads:

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