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Specialized school

: For the equivalent in the UK see [specialist school] . Schools for students with special needs are discussed in the " [Special school] " article.
Specialized schools are [secondary school] s with enhanced coverage of certain subjects that constitute the specialization of the school. They should not be confused with [vocational school] s, whose goal is to deliver skills for a particular type of job.

Soviet Union and post-Soviet states

Of the specialized school in the [Soviet Union] (, Shkola s uklonom ) there were two typical types: physical/mathematical schools, with enhanced education in [physics] and [mathematics] , [sports] schools, and schools with advanced study of a foreign language of choice. This tradition continued in a number of [post-Soviet states] , notably [Russia] , [Kyrgyzstan] and [Belarus] , with many schools renamed into [liceum] s.

There also were schools with [musical education] , but they were in their own category and called "secondary musical school". In secondary [musical school] s, the primary goal was musical education since the 1st grade (i.e., they may be classified as [vocational school] s), with obligatory general secondary education provided in a somewhat truncated form. (Note: In the terminology of the Soviet Union, the " [secondary school] " included [primary education] as well, i.e., it encompassed grades 1-10.)

Foreign language schools started study of a particular foreign language since the 1st grade (normally in Soviet schools foreign language was introduced in the 5th grade) and, since some grade (commonly the 5th) some subjects were delivered in this language. Language schools specialized in English, German, French, and Spanish languages, with English schools being most common in late Soviet Union and Spanish least common.

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