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How is the lightning forecast?

Lightning not only causes great economic losses but also creates very frightening casualties. According to statistics, globally, more than 4000 people die every year from lightning. Today, people do not have any effective methods to prevent lightning. Still, if lightning can be forecasted in a timely and accurate manner, there can be policies to effectively avoid lightning, limit losses, and casualties to the extent that the shortest.

Since the formation of lightning is complex, lightning strikes are often unpredictable, so using conventional weather forecasting methods is not possible. Nowadays, there is no lightning forecast content in the weather forecast. Research in this regard has also just begun. But in foreign countries, many developed countries have obtained remarkable results in lightning prediction research. The lightning prediction method in some countries has officially been put into use and achieved great results. So how has the lightning forecast been implemented?

Lightning forecasting in the US is made as follows: There are eight lightning monitoring stations nationwide. Each station has an antenna and a radio receiver, as well as a computer. Computers and stations are all connected to the central computer in New York. The forecasting stations use antennas and radio receivers to pick up sounds emitted when the ground is struck by lightning, and computers record the locations of lightning and lightning strikes.

Each station conducted a lightning analysis of central lightning, then reported to the central computer station. The central computer synthesizes the stations’ information and draws a lightning map, calculates the location of lightning generation. One can use this weather map to predict lightning. First of all, avoid dangerous lightning zones.

In recent years, the French Flancollin lightning meteorological company has also successfully manufactured lightning prediction systems. This equipment system can forecast a few hours before lightning occurs; an accurate forecast range is 1-3 km.

This lightning prediction system uses a sensor with special sensitivity to probe the photoelectricity from the generated lightning. A computer sensor that can analyze lightning waves, filter noise, and record only arc lightning types in lightning. Each sensor can pick up lightning waves 800 km away. Sensors of the locations receive the signal through the feeder network automatically transmits the material to the computer center in Paris.

By analyzing the wave amplitude and angle of lightning to the ground, we will know each lightning strike’s characteristics and determine the location, time, amplitude, wave, and optical intensity of lightning. Then, through measurement, calculating the intensity of the lightning’s sound waves, the lightning trajectory in the aerial area within 800 km. So, before lightning occurs, hours can be predicted.

Through this, it can be seen that lightning prediction mainly applies to the continuous development of high technology. Soon, the research of lightning prediction will progress strongly. Until then, in the content of the weather forecast will have more content for forecasting lightning.









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