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Is the wind formed like?

Fluttering flags, sailboats running ice, the water swaying, the waves crashing all these things are caused by the wind. When the wind is gentle, the trees stir; when the hurricane emerges, everything dances, and the trees collapsed. So wind is formed like?

Due to its different surface properties and uneven heat resistance, the sun heats the ground, so the air temperature in high and low places is low. Where the air temperature expands, the density decreases, the pressure decreases, where the low temperature the air shrinks, the density increases, the pressure increases. Since there is an air pressure difference between the two regions, we call the air pressure difference, and a strong wind flow is generated from a high-pressure zone running down to a low-pressure zone, like water in a riverbed flowing from high place to low place. The wind is formed like that.

The larger the difference in air pressure between the two regions, the stronger the airflow is, so the louder the wind. The pressure difference is small; the slower the air transport, the weaker the wind. If the pressure of the two areas is equal, there will be no wind.

The air pressure distribution in regions above the ground is not only different but also always variable. The high-pressure gas, the low-pressure gas is sometimes controlled on the mainland; when moved out to the sea, the high-pressure gas of the cold air flow often spills from high latitudes to low latitudes. Low pressure in temperate regions usually overflows from west to east, while low pressure in tropical regions often overflows from east to west. Thus, the direction and magnitude of the pressure difference between regions always change, so the winds of the strong and weak regions constantly change direction.

The continental winter dissipates heat faster than the sea, so the air temperature on the continent is much lower than the sea, and the air pressure is higher than above sea level, so high pressure often occupies the continent. So in the winter in China, the northwest monsoon is both cold and dry, which spills over from the continent to the sea. On the other hand, in the summer, under the bright sunlight of the sun, the continent is hotter than the sea surface, so the air temperature is high, and the pressure is much lower than on the sea, so the south-east wind is both hot and medium. The wet summer again blew from the Pacific Ocean into eastern China. The southwestern region of China also has a warm southwest monsoon that blows from the Indian Ocean.

The coastal area is clear during the day; the continent receives more heat than the sea, the air temperature is high, so the air pressure is lower than the sea, the cool breeze from the sea will constantly blow into the continent. The continents dissipate heat faster than the sea at night, so the heat in the air and the distribution of pressure contrast to daytime, winds from the continent blow into the sea. That is the reason why coastal areas often experience winds blowing inland from the sea.

In the daytime, the mountain forest is sunny, the air in the hot valley expands upwards, the density is concentrated above, so the same height, the air pressure in the valley is higher than the ridge, so the wind comes from the valley. It blew up the mountain, and at night it was the opposite; the wind from the mountains blew down the valley. It is the mountain wind and the valley wind.

This can be seen: whether monsoon, sea wind, continental wind, mountain wind, or valley wind are caused by solar radiation and is directly caused by the pressure difference between the two created zones.




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