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Mountains formed like?

For humans, mountains are too great. So people think mountains – defiant and timeless – do not change and will remain the same forever. But geologists and mountain scientists have come up with evidence that the mountain has been subdued by time; that is, even if it is so massive, the mountain does not remain intact forever.

Some changes in the earth’s surface have resulted in mountains. And mountains are also destroyed frequently, thus changing frequently. Therefore the impact of ice, ice, heat … mountains are cracked and landslides. Soil and rock in the mountains are regularly eroded by rain and brought down streams, rivers … Just like that, and the mountains turn into hills and highlands over time.

Geologists divide the mountain into four categories depending on how it is constructed. But no matter how it is constructed, the mountain is only the result of the dramatic change in the earth’s crust. And most of this change happened millions of years ago.

The meandering mountain is made up of layers of rock gathered into large folds. In many places on these mountains, we see layers of rock that bend into undulating folds pressed horizontally. The Appalachian range (North America) and the Alpes range (Europe) are typical of this mountain type.

On top of the mountain, layers of rock are bent upwards like domes. In many cases, the lithosphere, the repulsion from the ground has been ejected, or an entire rock layer has been lifted; the Black hill range in southern Dakota (United States) is typical for this mountain type.
The massive mountain is the result of the crust of the earth. A part of the ground, maybe even a giant block of rock being put on. The Sierra Nevada range in California is a rock over 600 km long and 128 km wide.

Volcanic eruptions of lava, ash, and pumice stones sprayed from the ground. Conventional volcanoes are conical with a wide, funnel-shaped mouth. Famous volcanoes are Ranier, Shasta, and hood in the United States, Fujiyama in Japan, Vesuve in Italy. There are many mountain ranges formed in none of the styles described above. There is also a mountain range that includes all four types, such as the United States’ rocky range.



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