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Quartz watch timed like?

Quartz watch timed like?

Due to the advantages: cheap, accurate, convenient to use, etc., quartz watches are increasingly widely used. It is well known that the core component of a mechanical watch is the winding wire and the pendulum that controls the time’s hands. So what method does quartz watch use to calculate the time?
Quartz dials generally have the English word QUARTZ, meaning quartz. The “heart” of a quartz watch is a small quartz crystal inside. Quartz is silicon dioxide, which is a major component of sandstone. Sandstone also contains many other impurities. A pure silicon dioxide molecule constitutes a crystal, that is, a quartz crystal through a regular arrangement.

When a quartz crystal is under pressure, deformation occurs, on its sides immediately generates a voltage. That is the piezoelectric effect. Taking advantage of the quartz crystal’s piezoelectric effect, it is possible to convert the mechanical oscillation signal into an alternating electric signal. It is also known that the oscillation frequency of quartz crystals depends on the geometry and geometric size of the crystal. If the crystal is cut in a certain direction, it is possible to cause its oscillation to have only one frequency, the crystal’s specific oscillation frequency. It uses the quartz crystal’s specific oscillation frequency to control the electronic circuit, generating an alternating electric field of the same frequency. Then through the frequency divider to divide the necessary low frequency, the needle can be pushed. The clock runs, indicating the corresponding time.

The accuracy of the watch depends largely on the oscillation frequency of the oscillating device it uses. The higher the oscillation frequency, the smaller the error per unit time, the more accurate the clock will run. The quartz crystal’s specific oscillation frequency in quartz watches can be as high as 65536 hec, or even higher. And the mechanical wristwatch’s oscillation frequency is only a few hec. So quartz watches run much more on time than mechanical wristwatches. The daily error may not exceed one-thousandth of a second! With the same principle, taking advantage of atomic vibrations with higher vibrations, scientists can build atomic clocks that run for 100 years without errors accumulated in less than a second.





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