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The principle of the air purifier?

In modern rooms and offices, due to air conditioners’ use, the materials installed in the room also often contain chemicals that are harmful to the human body and the closed feature of the room. Well, the time people stay in this kind of room for a long time will feel dizzy and headaches, uncomfortable in the body, really harmful to the body’s health. As a new type of household electrical appliance, the air purifier can eliminate dust in the room, add negative ions to the air, absorb harmful chemical gases, remove foreign odors, and clean it gas in the room, protecting body health.

Air purifiers generally have three types: electronic type, filter type, and coupling type. Electronic air purifiers mainly take advantage of electronic components such as transistors, integrated circuits, etc. Generates a high-voltage electric field, absorbs dust, kills bacteria. Filter-type air purifiers mainly use forced fans to change the clean air in the room, and at the same time, filter, disinfect and clean the air.

Combined type air purifiers combine the strong points of the electronics and filters. Some air purifiers also add parts that generate negative air ions, i.e., negative oxygen ions. It can promote metabolic function, improve blood composition, improve immunity, etc., of the human body.

Air purifiers are fitted with vortex-type blowers, filters, strange deodorizers. Some also install dehumidifiers, humidifiers, air negative ions, etc.

When the air purifier works, the vortex-type blower rotates, sucking the room’s turbid air into the machine’s tank. When running through the high-voltage electrostatic metal mesh of about 10,000 volts, dust in the air stream The chisel is sucked back. When the air stream continues through the filament filter of activated carbon, the activated carbon absorbs harmful odors that are difficult to smell. Each time cleaning the air in a room with ​​20 m2, it takes about 30 minutes.

At the same time, the negative ion generator in the air also starts to work. In this part, there is a high-voltage generator. After the electrical connection, it is possible to form a high electrostatic voltage with a negative and positive polarity of about 7,000 volts, transmitted to each row of symmetrical top and bottom pointed electrodes. Through a spike discharge, causing local air to generate ions, negative ions form in the air in a certain amount. From within the negative ion generator, the air is generated from which the ionic concentration and air sound in the surrounding air are raised, making the air as fresh as natural.

If you install a small fan again, the airflow it blows out can further take the air’s negative ions. The negative air ions improve respiratory function, enhance physical metabolism, promote blood circulation, regulate the nervous system, etc.

The effect of negative ions in the air is also confirmed through animal experiments. Scientists let white rats breathe air that did not contain negative ions. They had a very rapid impatience, accompanied by shortness of breath, fatigue, etc. Also, if people stay for a long time in an environment containing very little negative ions, they will experience headaches, nausea, and not feeling elated.

According to determined measurement results, the concentration of negative ions in the room air in big cities is generally only 40-50 per cm3. But in open places such as beaches, dense forests, mountainous areas, etc., that concentration is 10,000 – 20,000 ions high, different from a few hundred times.


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