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What is a shooting star?

Since thousands of years ago, seeing a meteor, people have wondered in amazement: what is it? Where is it from? and man has believed that it is from another world.

As we know it today, it is not right to call it “star.” Must be called meteorites or streaks, that is, tiny stones that float in the sky. Those are solid masses of matter, small areas. They are floating in space, accidentally passing across the earth and dragging into the atmosphere by the earth’s gravity, burning to burn. When a slurry falls into the atmosphere, we can see it as a long light trail. This light streak is caused by the agar rubbing into the heat-generating atmosphere; the burning agar lightens only.

It is also quite strange that the jelly is usually very small, sometimes only a pin’s size. Rare disasters also have meteorites weighing tons. Most of the megaliths are burned in the atmosphere; only large meteors fall to the ground. Scientists believe that the earth “catches” thousands to tens of thousands of rocks every day and every night. During the day, there are also “meteors” listening to you. It cannot be seen because the meteor’s light is drowned out by sunlight and invisible. Besides, most of the earth’s surface is water, so the rocks fall into the sea and the oceans.

Ages often appear sporadic and often do not go in any direction. But also sometimes there are “processions” with thousands of rhinestones. While in orbit around the sun, the earth could be traversed near a rocky “procession.” So this “procession” is “invited” into the earth’s atmosphere to be a “flower festival” – if it is at night – or a “shower of jelly” for the people to watch.

Where did the jelly come from? Scientists today think that periodically there are “rocky processions” created by debris from comets. When the comet was crumbled into millions of small pieces, these fragments were floating around in space, forming a meteorite and rocky “procession”.

Right from the Roman era – in 467 BC – people have investigated the phenomenon of jelly falling on the earth and recorded in books.





James Smith
I used to look up at the sky when I was a child and wonder what's in those stars. Growing up, when I had the opportunity to contact the source of human knowledge, I had more knowledge about the universe, the natural world, and created laws. Being the founder of Wikiwap is where I can share my understanding of the world around me in a simple way that readers can access knowledge like a child. You and I are parts of the world; life will always be beautiful.


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