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What is antimatter?

What is antimatter?

In 1928, English physicist Dirac predicted the existence of antimatter. He said that there is a corresponding antiparticle with the same mass on both sides for each kind of ordinary matter particle, but with opposite charges. These antiparticles can combine to form antimatter. Everything in the Universe has antimatter objects, such as anticarbon, anti-planetary, etc. If a matter particle collides with its antimatter counterpart, it will annihilate and produce a high-energy Y-ray.

Four years later, this theory is validated. The American physicist, Edison, discovered the first type of antiparticle. Using a cloud chamber to study cosmic rays, he observed the steam streaks of a particle. Its mass is equal to the electron but it has the opposite charge. This type of particle is named a positive electron (positron). It is the matter reactive particle of the electron. In 1955, physicists at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory used a particle accelerator to produce antiprotons. That same year, the European particle physics laboratory scientists, near Geneva, produced positrons and antiprotons through a particle accelerator and made them fuse to produce hydrogen antiatoms. But the whole process was short-lived.

In recent years, scientists have built sophisticated monitoring machines to detect antimatter in the Universe. Antimatter detectors can only detect very few positive electrons (positrons) and antiprotons in cosmic rays and for relatively heavy antiparticles, even silhouettes have never been detected. But scientists believe that its antiquarian and anti-planetary are likely to be lurking deep in the Universe.





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