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What is ocean current?

A sea current is a flowing stream of water right above the ocean’s surface. And also, underground ocean currents are flowing in the ocean. Here, we are only referring to “floating” ocean currents. The most famous ocean current in the world is called the gulf stream. It is a huge river – as big as all rivers on the continents combined – the strange thing is that river flows on water, not on continents!

Depending on the coasts of the United States’ northeastern states, the gulf stream flows northward, across the North Atlantic to Northeastern Europe. This ocean current is indigo blue, so it is evident in the ocean water’s gray-green background.

Water in the gulf stream is the water that comes out of the ocean in the equatorial Atlantic. This movement is in the west direction. Therefore, when it meets the United States’ east coast, this ocean current turns north, crossing the Caribbean Sea. It got the name gulf stream because it started moving north in the East Sea.

The gulf stream originates from the globe’s hot waters – the equatorial region – so the water in this ocean is warm. This amount of warm water creates many strange things and climatic zones, depending on where it goes.

For example, the wind blowing through this ocean in Northern Europe has brought warmth to Nordic countries such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, and Belgium. As a result, winter temperatures in these countries are softer than in other regions in the north. and it also causes the harbors along the Norwegian coast to not freeze at all times.

Thanks to the gulf stream, London and Paris’ capitals enjoy warmer winter climates even though they are located on the same northern latitude as the city of Lavrador. This city suffers from a very extreme climate. The wind blowing through the gulf stream becomes warm and humid. When this wind hits Newfoundland, it creates a dense fog. Therefore, the Newfoundland coastline often experiences dangerous dense fogs.

In North America, the gulf stream does not influence winter climates as in Europe because the North American winter winds do not blow through the ocean like the winter winds in Europe.



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