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What is Photocopier’s principle of action?

The is fabricated on the principle that positive and negative charges attract each other. When a paper with an image to be reprinted is placed on the Photocopier’s printing table, reflected light, formed under the irradiation of the light in the machine, passes through the optical system made up of reflective glass and lenses. , focus on the image.

This shot just right fell onto the conduction-exposing drum. A conductive exposure drum is a tube with a circular drum-shaped structure, covered with a thin film of photoconductor on its side. Photoelectricity is very sensitive to light. When there is no ray of light, it has a high resistivity; When light shines on, the resistivity quickly drops. While playing the role of an electrode, the surface of the photoconductor has a uniform static charge.

When the light image, formed by the reflected light of the image to be reprinted, falls on the photoconductor’s surface, because the image is dark, light, the reflected light is weak, making the resistance the rate of the photoconductor produces a corresponding change.

The static charge of the photoconductor’s surface also follows the intensity of the light ray that disappears or partially disappears on the photoconductor film, forming an electrostatic hidden image. The naked eye cannot see it. It seems to be hidden in a thin film of the photoconductor.

At that time, black ink exhibits the opposite polarity of the charge on the electrostatic hidden image. Under the attraction of the electric field force, it sticks to the photoconductor’s surface.

The amount of toner on the hidden image depends on the amount of charge on the hidden image that increases or decreases. So on the surface of the drying drum, an image of toner with a distinctly shallow layer appeared. When the printing paper is in contact with the toner’s image, under the impact of an electric field force, the image with toner attached to it immediately transfers the toner to the printing paper, like a stamp on it printing paper also forms toner photo.

Next, the printing paper is put into the forming and heating parts, the plastic contained in the toner melts, so the toner adheres to the page, images and letters are printed on the paper.



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