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What is the difference between meteorology, weather, and climate?

In life, the three words “meteorology,” “weather,” “climate” are almost every day we encounter. For example, when you listen to the Radio or view a newspaper, you often see weather forecast information. When you are away from home or visiting a different area, you often ask whether the weather is good or bad. Sometimes you want to find out about the upcoming weather. You can also call the Meteorological Station. But what are the exact meaning of the terms meteorology, weather, and climate? How they differ, few people can say exactly.

Meteorology, in a simple way, refers to the physical phenomena of the atmosphere arising in the Universe, such as wind, clouds, rain, snow, fog, rainbow, sun halo, moon, thunder, lightning, etc.

Weather is the only aggregate effect of short-term meteorological features on human life. For example, we could say that the weather was good today, the weather was nice, the wind was moderate, it had been for many miles, yesterday the weather was bad, rainy and windy, it was unusually overcast and wet, and so on. But we cannot say whether it is meteorological.

Climate is just a characteristic, a meteorological situation for many years, a year, or a long time for a certain region or the whole world. For example, the islands in the East Sea are very hot in summer, but spring and autumn are also hot, even winter is not cold, moreover not only for a year like that but for many years. So we can call it a warm four-season tropical climate. For example, most areas belong to the Truong Giang basin, with warm spring and autumn, hot summer, cold winter. We can call it a “temperate climate, four distinct seasons.”

Here, you will surely understand the different weather, weather, and weather conditions. They have different meanings but have a close relationship with each other.




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