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What is the galaxy?

There is probably nothing more mysterious and surprising than “galaxies” (also known as the galaxy) in the sky. it is like a string of pearls across the sky. In ancient times, looking at this phenomenon, people were amazed. They do not understand what it is, so they embellish it with all kinds of things and attribute them to strange and beautiful things that people can imagine. In BC, it was thought that the galaxy was the path of angels. Therefore, humans can go to heaven in that way. They imagine that it is the “gap” of heaven through which, standing on earth, people can contemplate the glory of heaven.

If you understand the true nature of the galactic phenomenon, it is not surprising. What is surprising are the ideas people attributed to it. “Our” galaxy is disc-shaped, that is, slightly rounded and flat, slightly bulging in the center. If you can climb high above the galaxy to look down from there, you will see its circular shape. But because we are in the galaxy, looking up is just looking from the inside to the galaxy’s edge. Therefore, we can see that the galaxy has a curved shape around us. The strip of light looming in the night sky that we call the galaxy is also millions of millions of stars.

You should know that there are at least about three billion stars in that galaxy. To visualize the galaxy’s width, we have to use a unit of measurement of light-years. For example, a ray of light from the moment it is emitted from the galactic center until it hits our eye takes approximately 50,000 years. How many km / s is the speed of light, you know. You try to calculate how far from the galactic center to the earth and then calculate how many kilometers the galaxy is. The galaxy revolves around its center like a wheel. A single rotation only takes about 200 million years!








James Smith
I used to look up at the sky when I was a child and wonder what's in those stars. Growing up, when I had the opportunity to contact the source of human knowledge, I had more knowledge about the universe, the natural world, and created laws. Being the founder of Wikiwap is where I can share my understanding of the world around me in a simple way that readers can access knowledge like a child. You and I are parts of the world; life will always be beautiful.


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