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The remote control operation principle

In recent years, home electrical appliances have also followed the direction of intellectualization and remote control. The remote control technology is increasingly applied to household electrical appliances. Electrical shutdown control is the most widely used remote control technique in household electrical appliances.

Sound waves, ultrasonic waves, radio waves, and infrared rays can be controlled by the shutdown of the power supply of home appliances remotely. Most applications are infrared rays. It is an invisible type of electromagnetic wave with a wavelength between radio waves and visible light waves, about 0.75 ~ 1000 microns.

The infrared remote control switch is made up of two infrared ray transmitters and receivers. The transmitter is the remote we hold in our hands. It consists mainly of an infrared transmitter and modulator and can control home appliances from a distance of up to 10 meters. Infrared-emitting bulbs can emit infrared rays of certain wavelengths. The modulator can override the low-frequency control signal to control the coupling on the infrared ray, so the infrared ray from the emitter also contains the control signal.

The receiver of the infrared remote control switch is mounted on the front panel of household electrical appliances. Inside, it has a collector, anti-interference circuit, demodulator, switch controller, etc. The collector is a silicon three-pole light-sensitive bulb that, through the photoelectric effect, can convert the infrared rays projected onto it into electrical signals.

The anti-interference circuit can distinguish and reject the ambient infrared signal. The demodulator can “load” the low-frequency control signal “overlay” on the down infrared, bringing on the switch control, making the power supply switch open or disconnected.

Infrared can be viewed as an airplane, and the low-frequency control signal is like a passenger. Infrared rays carry the role of transporting control signals from the transmitter to the receiver, like passenger aircraft from A to B. What a control effect has, which is a signal.

Low-frequency control “overlays” on top of infrared rays, infrared rays are nothing more than just a means of transporting control signals.

The remote control switch can be used to remotely turn off the power connection and select channels, adjust the volume of the TV, adjust the fan speed, adjust the temperature of the air conditioner, and so on.




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