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What is the principle of microwave oven operation?

How convenient it is to cook food in the microwave. Microwave raw or cold food, close oven doors, switch on, and a moment later, the oven’s food is heated and cooked. In the microwave there is no fire, how do I cook food? That’s all thanks to the microwaves, i.e., the high-frequency electromagnetic waves, acting as a heat source for the oven.

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves with frequencies from 300 megahertz to 300 thousand megahits. A microwave oven is a microwave generator; the microwave frequency it produces is 2450 megahertz. This type of microwave has the characteristics of when it comes to foods containing water such as meat, eggs, vegetables, and the microwaves. Also, the same water molecules in the food fluctuate with their frequency. Fluctuations of water molecules in food cause friction between molecules; friction generates heat. The greater the vibration frequency, the stronger the friction between molecules, the more heat generated.

Understand that microwaves have a frequency of 2450 MHz, oscillating 2.45 billion times per second. That means that the water molecules in food are also microwaves every second, oscillating 2.45 billion times. This kind of oscillation occurs almost simultaneously throughout the food’s inner and outer parts, so the food that is heated up will cook evenly anywhere inside and out in a very short time. The temperature has risen to a level sufficient to allow raw food to ripen, even burn to dry as the water is heated and evaporated.

However, when using microwave heat for food, be careful not to place it in metal containers. The reason is simple: microwaves meet metal, immediately completely reflect, put food in metal containers, then heat it in the microwave, the microwaves are completely reflected by metal, and the feed cannot receive microwave? However, in practice, as a result, the microwave was burned. This is because the high-frequency microwaves that are completely reflected are not consumed at all. In electronic engineering called a high-frequency short circuit, the result is that the electronic lamp’s anode emits microwaves generate heat so high that it was burned red and ruined.

Understand the properties of microwaves; you can use them to use food containers made of ceramic materials, heat-resistant glass, etc. If the heating time is not too long, a plastic food container, even paper, can be used. The enameled container looks like porcelain, but the actual inside is iron material. Of course, it cannot be used.



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