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The principle of washing machine operation

Thanks to the washing machine, the laundry job will be a lot of leisure. Let’s open a commonly used washing machine and see how it washes clothes. There is a washing bucket attached to the spinning wheel in the machine. The bottom of the drum has a rotating wheel called the drum. The surface of the washing bucket has a few raised ridges. The electric motor pulls the washing bucket to rotate at a speed that can reach 300-500 rpm in the forward or reverse direction.

Due to the effect of the tub’s raised ledge, water can form a vortex in the drum, pulling clothes in the drum to rotate with the whirlpool. Simultaneously, the water flows in the state of rotating at high speed of the drum can also receive a certain radial force, forcing the water flow at the bottom of the barrel to spiral up in the spiral shape of the barrel wall, forming the upper speaker. The water surface, thereby dragging the clothes incessantly, turning the movement upwards, sinks after reaching the water surface.

The bottom of the washing bucket is generally designed into a curved surface; the barrel wall has a large rounded corner. This unique construction makes the movement of clothes in the washing bucket unobstructed. The raised edges of the drum surface cause water to accumulate, while the recessed part of the drum surface causes water to expand. The water flowing in the washing bucket produces a kind of pulsed oscillation. The frequency of fluctuations per minute can reach over 1000 times.

Thus, the washing bucket’s clothes are constantly spinning along with the water flow, turning up and down, between clothes and clothes, between clothes and water flow, between clothes and the wall of the barrel, continuously creating friction, flapping. On the one hand, the water current’s pulse pattern has oscillated a few dozen times every second. Under the effect of detergent bleaching, the stains on clothes immediately come off, mixed into the water. This mechanical stirring, rubbing, flapping, oscillation is equivalent to scratching, rubbing, and brushing a few thousand times on our clothes. So the washing machine can replace people who wash clothes by hand traditionally.

There are many types of washing machines at the present. These are roller styles, tub styles, centrifuges, etc. But whatever type of washing machine is, the washing and cleaning principle are the same.


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