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Which light waves and electric waves are faster?

Which light waves and electric waves are faster?

If people ask you: “Which wave of light and electric wave, which wave travel faster? Surely you would think, of course that light waves run faster! Everyone knows, light waves are the fastest running thing on?” the world Its propagation speed is 300,000 km / s. In a second, it can move around the Earth up to 7.5 rounds there!

Let’s take a look at the electric wave first. Electric wave means an electromagnetic wave. Through the emission of electromagnetic waves, radio and television stations bring special performances to thousands, tens of thousands of families. We have just turned on the radio or television and can immediately listen to or see the performances on-site up to a few tens of thousands of kilometers away. Cell phones can also take advantage of electromagnetic waves to transmit information. Using your cell phone, you chat with family or friends as if you were by your side. It seems that the speed of the electromagnetic waves should be very fast, too, right? Yes! The scientists measured the transmission speed of electromagnetic waves is also 300,000 km / s, not slower than light waves!

The speed of light waves and electromagnetic waves is the same, is that pure just some kind of coincidence? Of course not! In 1865 the British physicist, Maxwell, used his group of equations to calculate the speed of electromagnetic waves equal to the speed of light, and based on that, he boldly predicted: light is the same. Type of electromagnetic wave. How can light be imported into electromagnetic waves? We can see the light but never hear that we can see the electromagnetic waves of radio and radio.

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TV broadcast. That’s because their frequencies are different. Electromagnetic waves that the human eye can see are just a very narrow band. Only electromagnetic waves between 410 million and 770 million megahec can stimulate human vision. That is visible light. Electromagnetic waves with frequencies higher than visible light are ultraviolet, X-ray, Y-ray, respectively – And electromagnetic waves with lower frequencies than visible light are infrared rays, microwaves, radio waves, etc. These electromagnetic waves are unable to simulate human vision. Our eyes cannot see.

Electromagnetic waves emitted by radio and television stations are radio waves with frequencies from a few hundred kilohecs to several tens of thousands of megahec. The People’s Radio of Shanghai City, for example, uses electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 990 kilohec, while FM tuner there uses electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 103.7 megahec. Their frequencies are so far apart from those of visible light that the human eye is completely invisible.
Light and electric waves emitted from radio and television stations are both electromagnetic waves. Only the frequency ranges of the two are different. And the transmission rate of the electromagnetic waves has nothing to do with the frequency, so the speed of light waves and electric waves is equal, of course.




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