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Which ocean is the deepest?

In many ways, the oceans still keep secrets from us. Just like the age of the ocean is how much we do not know. The chances are that the Earth in its early stage was no ocean! Nowadays, humans explore the ocean floor to find out.

The ocean floor down to about 3.5 km is a relatively soft mud layer. These are called marine sediments made up of the shells and bones of small marine animals. The deep ocean floor is a fine rust-colored mud layer called “red clay.” This mud layer consists of small animal bones, small algae, and volcanic ash.

Today sound waves are used to measure the ocean’s depth is released, and sound waves when they hit the ocean floor are reflected. Measuring the duration of the sound wave cycle is calculating the depth of the ocean. Thanks to this measurement, we have an accurate idea of ​​the depths of the oceans and the deepest ocean.

The Pacific Ocean has the greatest average depth. That depth is about 4km. The Baltic Sea is the shallowest. Its average depth is only about 55m. The most known deep poles in the Pacific today, located near the island of Guam, were about 11 km deep, in the planet pit near the Philippines had a depth of 10,793 km. The ocean’s deepest depth is located near Puerto Rico, with a depth of 9.2 km. Hudson bay – a bay but larger than many other seas – the deepest depth is about 1.8 km.



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