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Why can cloud maps be used for the weather forecast?

The satellite cloud map has been widely used in weather forecasting. Moreover, it is an ideal, forecasting tool. Daily weather is related to different weather systems. For example, low pressure often leads to rain; high pressure is usually sunny.

Different weather systems have different cloud characteristics, and cloud morphology, texture, and brightness are all different. For example, when cold air flows southward, a cloud system distributed in strips will be created, a cyclone cloud system that forms a vortex, high-pressure areas in the sky without thick dark clouds. So the picture of a satellite map is like a picture of its weather system. Based on the distribution of the clouds on the satellite cloud map, we can know the weather system’s distribution. Knowing this distribution will easily predict the weather situation of regions in the future.

Use satellite cloud maps to detect whirlwinds very well. Because there are few meteorological stations on the sea surface, it is difficult to detect whirlwinds promptly, or the exact location of the cyclone is not known, so it is difficult to predict its direction of movement. Today there are meteorological satellites that can continuously take pictures from above. Therefore, the cyclone cloud system characteristic that tends to move eddy into the center will be detected.

Moreover, when the cyclone began to form, it was immediately detected, then let the aircraft probe to confirm. Thus, both save money and detect early. Over the past twenty years, whirlwinds in the global tropical seas have been unable to avoid satellite images. They are recorded on satellite maps.

Based on the pictures taken at different times, one can infer the direction and speed of the whirlwind’s displacement, its evolving situation.

Besides, using satellite cloud maps to monitor strong storms is also very effective. Strong storms and hail, because of their small scale, short duration, from the moment they arise to dissipate within a few hours, it is impossible to use conventional probe methods to detect them. Therefore it is very difficult to measure and forecast this kind of weather.

In the past, radar was mainly used for detection and surveillance. But because the density of radar stations is limited, the field of view is not large, so a warning can only be made a few hours before it appears. Nowadays, meteorological satellite maps are available, and forecasting big storms on a small scale can also be implemented in a timely and reliable manner.

Meteorological satellites also provide the aviation industry with a guaranteed weather situation. Once taken off, planes often have to fly over some areas with few meteorological monitoring stations. Satellites can promptly provide weather conditions in these regions to airports. The ground commander relies on clouds’ photographs to decide whether to take off or when it is necessary to close the airport temporarily. The Navy can also take advantage of the satellite cloud map to avoid storms, choose calm seas to gather, or choose hiding areas.

Meteorological satellite images provide a great deal of information that makes us gain many new perceptions. This theoretical development could further enhance weather forecast efficiency and quality.


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