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Can irradiated food be preserved for a long time?

Can irradiated food be preserved for a long time?

The old-fashioned method of storing food is to put food in the refrigerator or underground to prevent it from spoiling. In this way, storing food is not general for a long time. Besides, microorganisms lurk in food, under the right conditions, will reproduce, dissolve nutrients in food, secrete solvents and toxic material, and can degenerate the food.

Is there any way to make food to be preserved for a relatively long time without degeneration happening? Currently, people have found a new method, which can preserve food for a long time without deterioration. That is how radiation is used in food.

Food preservation by irradiation is the application of radioactive isotopes cobalt-60 and Y-rays radiated by xesi-137 or using an accelerator’s electron beam. This type of ray’s energy is high, and its penetrating ability is powerful, and can be radiated through the outer layer of food. When irradiated, Y-rays will be absorbed by atoms, molecules of microorganisms, generating many moving electrons. These electrons can, in turn, motivate atoms, molecules in microorganisms to ionize, thereby killing them. Therefore, once food undergoes irradiation, its bactericidal effect is very thorough, can be preserved for a long time, and will not rot or degrade.

Using irradiation also has an advantage that other methods can not match: when irradiated, although the penetrating power of the ray is extremely strong, the temperature variation of the food itself is very small. That makes the inherent nutrients and flavors of foods can be kept, so they are very popular.






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