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Why can Meteorological Station make a weather forecast?

Every day morning, noon, and evening open the radio to hear the Weather Station announcements. You might ask, why can Meteorological Station make weather forecast?

The change in the weather is very complicated, but it also has certain laws. Because weather variations are mainly due to large-scale air movement and the air movement, weather phenomena arising in an area can always affect the whole area, several hundred or even several thousand kilometers. So forecasting the weather is not a mysterious miracle, just based on meteorology’s basic principles, through certain sequences and scientific methods to predict get future weather. When the meteorological station wants to announce an imminent tornado or thunderstorm, it will use the radio and the press to transmit it to the public quickly.

To do well in the weather forecast work, pay attention to observing weather changes. There are two weather monitoring methods: One is to directly use the eyes to see how much or how little clouds in the sky, what the clouds are, then whether there is rain, more or less rain, etc. The second method is to use a machine to measure, measure temperature, pressure, humidity, precipitation, etc.

In addition to knowing the situation on the ground, it is also necessary to know the weather changes in the sky. The modern method of overhead exploration is to release the balloon to fly high, under the balloon, the automatic measuring machine. This machine can determine the temperature, pressure, humidity of the overhead air and use signals to the ground. It is sometimes using an airplane carrying a meteorological gauge to fly to a certain height to observe. Since the Second World War, meteorological radar appeared, artificial meteorological satellites were invented, so aerial exploration was used. If there is a whirlwind at sea, if you want to know where its center is, you can use radar, meteorological satellite, or plane to detect it.

As we all know, air moves all over the place, but mainly not outside of the flowing currents of warm and cold air. Its movement leads to climate change in the regions. Not only will the air movement of another region affect the weather variation of this area, but the air currents of one region will move to another area, causing weather changes in that area.

Meteorological stations of the regions use different communication devices to inform each other daily on the changing weather. After receiving the weather documents in the locality and abroad, the Central Meteorological Station will use all kinds of general regulations symbols to fill in the left blank’s weather map. Thus, scattered weather events in different places will be recorded and turned into a general map reflecting the regions’ changing weather situation. Based on that weather change situation to study and closely analyze, it is possible to make a weather forecast. That is the method of weather forecasting according to the map.

If you combine the equations of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics into a group of general equations, simplify under certain conditions, and use an electronic computer to calculate the data. Please solve the equation: It is called the numerical prediction method when determining weather changes at a certain time and range. It is also possible to apply the arithmetic statistical principles and methods, mainly analyzing many historical meteorological documents to find out the statistical law of weather change. It is called forecasting statistics.

The three weather forecasting methods above are often used in combination and complement each other.



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