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Why can the game machine’s Light gun hit the target on the screen?

Why can the game machine’s Light gun hit the target on the screen?

When playing a shooting game, using a photoelectric gun to aim correctly at the aircraft’s target on the image of the game machine, press the trigger to let out a “bang.” The image of the target aircraft on the screen immediately shows the scene of an explosion dissolving body, like hitting by a real shot, as much as the real story.

The Light gun did not fire any bullets; the aircraft’s target on the fluorescent screen did not dissolve the body. It was just a television image when the plane’s target was hit, appearing on a fluorescent screen in a speaker emitting a simulated explosion. All of these were results appearing almost simultaneously in the blink of an eye, firing the photoelectric gun, creating a visual effect that seemed to have been hit by a photoelectric gun.

How does the image of the aircraft’s target on the fluorescent screen when being hit appear almost the same time when the photoelectric gun is pressed?

It turns out that, between the photovoltaic machine and the game machine, there is an interconnecting wire. When you raise your aiming gun and hit the aircraft’s target on the fluorescent screen and at the same time press the trigger, the Light gun instantly sends an electrical pulse signal through a wire to the small computer in the main unit of the machine game. Next, the small computer immediately transmits a control signal, causing the target aircraft’s glare on the fluorescent screen to suddenly heat up, forming a much brighter streak than elsewhere. This makes the Light gun, which was correctly aimed at the aircraft’s target, now becomes both skillfully aiming at the correct direction of the light trails. The bright light on a bright object makes the photoelectric converter in the photoelectric gun work, converting light into an electrical signal. That electrical signal is also through the input wire, the small computer receives that electrical signal, judges that the photoelectric gun has correctly aimed at the target, it immediately outputs, from the storage department, the image and the effect of the explosion when the plane explodes, transmits to a fluorescent screen and the speaker shows the scene where the aircraft’s target was hit.

Suppose the Light gun does not aim properly at the aircraft’s target and appears on the fluorescent screen, even if the trigger is pressed. In that case, the light trails that appear on the fluorescent screen deviate from the gun barrel, causing the photoelectric converter. The Light gun does not receive enough light, so it is okay to convert the electrical signal to the small computer on the fluorescent screen and will not appear in the picture of the plane being hit.

In a series of processes that are continuously switching in an extremely short time through the photoelectric signal, the human eye is difficult to recognize before and after. The scene of gunshots dissolving almost simultaneously occurs, forming The audiovisual effect is very lifelike.




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