Home Physical Why can the rice cooker automatically cook rice and keep the heat?

Why can the rice cooker automatically cook rice and keep the heat?

Why can the rice cooker automatically cook rice and keep the heat?

Use the rice cooker for cooking rice; just put the rice that has been washed into the pot, pour in an appropriate amount of water, plug the cord into the power source, push the switch down, and the indicator light lights up and the rice cooker starts working. When the rice is cooked into the rice, the indicator light turns off automatically. Another heat-keeping indicator light turns on, indicating that the pot is in the state of keeping heat. Regardless of how long, the rice temperature in the front and back pot remains between 60 and 70 ° C without cooling.

We know that the heat needed when the rice cooker cooks the wire generates the rice after it is applied. It also has the same principle as cooking rice with an electric stove. However, the rice cooker can automatically cook rice, keep heat, and thanks to two additional automatic control switches installed in the pot: the automatic temperature limit switch. The other is the heat-keeping switch automatic.

After electrifying, the temperature in the rice cooker gradually rises. Before the rice is cooked into cooked rice because there is a quantity of water in the pot, its temperature will be kept at about 100 ° C even if the water boils. When the rice grains in the pot gradually soften, dry them into cooked rice, the temperature can rise, exceeding 100 ° C. When it reaches 103 ° C, the temperature restriction switch is designed at that temperature, automatically cutting off the shell from the mains. The temperature in the instant cooker gradually drops.

When the water temperature drops to 60 ° C, the thermostat switch turns on, and the backbone is connected to the power source, the temperature in the pot slowly increases again. Temperature up to 70 ° C, the thermostat switch automatically cuts off the shell from the power source. The pot’s temperature slowly drops again, up to 60 ° C, the thermostat switch works again, again connecting the power supply. The thermostat switch repeatedly operates, so the pot’s temperature is always kept at 60-70 ° C, just right to satisfy the need to keep the heat.

The temperature limit switch and the heat retainer switch that play an important role in rice cookers and are made up of the bimetallic plate. One side of the bimetallic plate is an iron-nickel alloy, the other side is a copper-nickel alloy, which mechanically fixes them together at the same temperature. The copper-nickel alloy side is easy to expand. Swelling because of heat than the iron-nickel alloy side. Thus, when the temperature is high, the seamless sheet of bimetallic bends towards difficult to expand, appearing bent. Once the temperature is low, the sheet is restored to its old form. Taking advantage of this characteristic of the bimetallic plate to produce a bend at a particular predetermined temperature, it can be used as an automatic switch to connect the power supply.

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