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Why can we know the weather based on the Moon?

To know why the Moon can predict the weather, first, explain what the moon general is clearly.

Moon facies means the circular or missing variation of the Moon. During the lunar month, the positions of the Moon, Sun, and Earth are invisible on Earth, so the Moon is dark that night, that is, the first day of the lunar month. When the Moon and Sun lie on either side of the Earth and form a straight line, one can see a full moon from the ground. That day is called the full Moon, which is also the 15th or 16th day of the lunar calendar. When the Moon, Sun, and Earth formed 90 degrees from the Earth you see the right half of the bright Moon; that day is called the supreme, that is, the 8th or 9th of the lunar calendar. When the Moon, Sun, and Earth formed 270 degrees, the Moon’s left half was bright. That day is called the hypotenuse, the 22nd or 23rd day of the lunar calendar. So the change of the full moon period (moon phase) is a lunar month, just right with the month of squirrel, hope in astronomy.

As we all know, the Moon and the Sun have an attraction to the Earth, causing seawater to rise and fall, which can also cause the Earth’s crust to rise or fall. That is the tide and the tide. Previously many people thought that this attraction also affected the atmosphere, but not very large. For the past twenty years, scientists have been studying and discovering that the Moon and Sun’s attraction to the movement of the air and the change of weather has also had a quite important effect, especially the generation. Sudden changes in the atmosphere and weather and natural disasters are always related to the variability of that attraction.

In a lunar month, on the 1st and the full Moon, the gravitational force of the Moon and the Sun reaches the maximum, then this combination of gravity becomes smaller. If the 1st and 15th, or 16th (full Moon) of the lunar calendar have no significant change, on the 2nd, 3rd, or 17th or 18th day of the lunar calendar, change worse proves that attraction has changed. On the abnormal change, it can be predicted that the weather in this area will change strongly in the next few days, possibly worse.

Moon general’s base for weather prediction has a scientific basis. Nowadays, meteorologists have clarified the specific effects of tidal forces on the weather and directly base this change in tidal force, combined with weather conditions such as high pressure and high pressure low to predict future weather.



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