Home Physical Why do leather shoes get polished more and more polished?

Why do leather shoes get polished more and more polished?

Why do leather shoes get polished more and more polished?

A pair of leather shoes that are both old and dirty wipe off the dust apply shoebox, carefully rub one at a time, the shoes are shiny and beautiful. What is that for?
It turns out that light shining on any surface can reflect on it. For example, a plan is smooth; then it can produce a very strong reflection, a very bright look. You may ask: why on the surface of objects such as walls, tables, etc. I can’t see a very strong reflection.

The surface of objects such as walls, tables, etc., is not smooth. You hold a magnifying glass to observe for a while. It will detect that the surface of those objects is rough, unevenly high, and low. Rough surfaces can also reflect light. However, it reflects it scattered in four directions and eight directions, not concentrated in a certain direction. That in physics is called diffuse reflection etc. Therefore, we do not see strongly reflected light.

The surface of the leather shoe is also not very smooth. If the shoe gets dirty, of course, it is even tougher. As such, it cannot cause the reflected light rays to be focused in a certain direction. So there is no shadow by looking at it. The purpose of shoe polish is to have the tiny particles in the seal fill the low areas on the leather’s surface, making it even, and the shoe polish has some sort of permeability. It can fill every small hole, then rub it with a cloth so that the polish is evenly covered, the roughness of the leather’s surface is much improved, the light is reflected in a certain direction instant shoes shiny up a lot. So after applying the polish to the shoe, the more you rub it, the shinier it gets.


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