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Why do thunderstorms appear when it comes to the small rain, or is there only thunder?

Hot summer, suddenly high dunes stood on the horizon, and a moment later, thunder roared. Everyone is excitedly waiting for a thunderstorm to dispel the heat; if the days are drought, the rain’s expectations are even more intense, so the thunder gives hope to relieve the drought. But wait a long time, the rain cloud passed through the head and only rained a few drops. It is true that “big thunder and small rain” makes people disappointed.

Experienced farmers often say: “If you sing first, then the rain will never be.” Sometimes you can only hear thunder; a drop of rain is not available; it is called a “thunderstorm.” This phenomenon is most common in mountainous areas.

Rain clouds roared around the top of the mountain continuously. Still, getting farther and farther away, even seeing the milky color on the clouds, we have a feeling of heavy rain coming, but nothing. Why is that?

“Heavy thunder, small rain” and “thunderstorm” are phenomena that usually arise in the summer. Due to the intense sunlight shining on the ground, causing the air to form uneven convection currents, Its range is not large, small is not more than 10 km, large is not more than 20-30 km.

Lightning and rain both arise in the cloud, but the range of effect varies. There is usually heavy rain in the cloud with the highest amount of rainfall, while in the cloud, the rainfall is less; it stops rain from the boundary. The impact range of thunder is much louder than the rain area, can be far beyond the range of clouds, transmitted to areas 50-70 km away. The further the range of the flash, the farther it could exceed 100 km. Thus, the areas that are passed by the center of the cloud, the thunder is heavy, and the rain is also heavy, the areas where the cloud passes through, there is a lot of thunder, and the areas that are not within the range of the cloud will only hear thunder is a thunderstorm.

Thereby, you can see that the rain is less in the thunderstorm because you are on the edge of the cloud. And thunderstorm is not just plain, just because your location is not in the rain of the cloud.

Of course, in the atmosphere, there are times when there is a “thunderstorm” phenomenon. For example, in the airport sky in Northwest China, there was an event on cloudy days for thousands of miles, the sky was clear, but there was still an explosion that shook the window and sore ears. Due to a plane flying in the air, it suddenly accelerates very quickly, surpassing the threshold of sound. At that time, the air molecules could not expand in time, forced into a dense stream, creating a wall to block the plane. If the speed of the plane suddenly surpassed the speed of sound, it would break that wall. When the wall is broken, there will be an explosion like thunder.



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