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Why does electronic scale show weight and price?

Among scales, there is a new type of scale emerging that is the electronic scale. When weighing goods, it is not only inaccurate but also does not miscalculate the cost, which is both convenient and accurate.

How does the electronic scale weigh the object’s weight and calculate the price of the goods right? To quickly show the weighted object’s weight, the electronic scale must correctly convert the weight of the weighted object into the corresponding voltage value and then clearly show the magnitude of the voltage in children numbers on the expression board. The four major components of the electronic scale, the strain gauge, the voltage magnifier, the number converter, and the numerical display, have all of those two types of “functionality.”

The strain gauge used in electronic scales is a pressure transducer plate made of nickel-metal wire. The plate’s resistance will “vary with pressure,” and the resistance becomes smaller when it is pressed on. This phenomenon in physics is called the “pressure-resistance effect.”

When a hanging weight is pressed against the plate, the plate’s resistance quickly changes, and the corresponding voltage is transferred from the sensor circuit. The heavier the object is, the higher the output voltage is. Besides, the lighter the object is, the lower the output voltage is. This type of voltage is called an “analog voltage.” The magnification of the voltage magnifier and the number converter, finally forming an equal amount of voltage, is put into the liquid crystal numerical table, quickly showing the weighted object’s weight.

If there is an additional small processing unit on the electronic scale, it immediately has enough calculation functions. Just through the keypress, enter the unit price of the goods to be weighed, the dashboard will simultaneously show the price of the goods being weighed. Its calculation principle is similar to a conventional electronic computer. The only thing in the electronic scale, the weight figure of the object being weighed, must be through the deformation sensor and the digital converter before the key press uses the number of goods. On a regular electronic computer, if you want to calculate the total price of the goods quickly, two numbers of the goods’ weight and the unit of the price must be pressed.

The features including fast, accurate, and convenient weighing have been widely used. Types of bench scales, crane scales, etc., used in industry can be replaced with an electronic balance. Even to measure and analyze in the laboratory, the research institute also uses electronic scales. In supermarkets, electronic scales associated with computers, in addition to expressing the weight and price of the goods being weighed, you can quickly type numbers on paper (invoice).







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