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Why does radar can measure storms, thunderstorms, and hurricanes?

Want to know the situation of thunderstorms, storms, and whirlwinds in remote areas? We can use radar to probe.

Radar can emit radio waves. These are shortwave waves emitted by an antenna. These radio waves encounter tornadoes, thunderstorms, and storms in remote areas reflected and displayed on radar screens. So from the radar screen, it is possible to see the cyclone’s entire face and texture, thunderstorm, and storm.

Assuming a thunderstorm in area A, hundreds of kilometers away from that area, we have radar and fluorescent screens that can see irregular light traces and lines on the screen, which is the radar’s image. On the screen of the radar, distance lines were drawn to show how far the thunderstorm was. If the area has very heavy rain and rain, the ​​light trails or bright lines on the screen are also very large and brighter. Just in each period, we observe several times to calculate the movement direction and speed of the thunderstorm’s movement. That will know clearly within a few hours or in how long a great thunderstorm will strike. The intensity of thunderstorms and normal rain varies greatly. Through the light streak on the screen, we can distinguish.

Besides, the horizontal and vertical texture of the thundercloud is also possible through the radar screen.
The center of the tornado and the rain clouds’ state surrounding it can be displayed on the radar screen. Having these valuable documents means knowing the exact position, intensity, direction, and movement speed, thereby making a reliable tornado forecast.




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