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Why does seawater taste salty?

Salty seawater is natural. But why is it salty, and where does ocean salt come from?

We know salt is a substance that can dissolve in water. Therefore, salt is soluble in ocean water. Salt on the earth’s surface is constantly dissolved, then along streams and rivers flow to the sea. But what we do not understand is that the amount of daily salt flowing by rivers into the ocean can explain the huge amount of salt contained in the oceans. If there is any way to separate the salt in the oceans, we can use that salt to build a wall nearly 300 km high, 2 km thick around the earth along the equator.

The salt we use every day is produced from seawater or saltwater lakes, salt wells, and salt mines. Salt concentrations in the ocean seawater range from 3 to 3.5 percent. For example, in inland seas such as the Mediterranean or the Red Sea, the salt concentration is higher. The dead sea covers only 340 square miles but contains 11.6 billion tons of salt. Many salt mines were found in many parts of the continent because seawater evaporated millions of years ago. Because if you want to become rock salt, you must make 9/10 seawater evaporate. Therefore, it is thought that the rock salt is just the sea – especially the inner seas – has been evaporated. There are “inland” seas that evaporate faster than the amount of fresh water poured into them; thus, times the inland sea turns into salt mines.

The salt used in the industry is usually rock salt. The usual method of mining salt mine is digging wells down into layers of salt. Then pump the freshwater down to dissolve the salt and then suck up the saltwater. Surely you wonder: why not take so much work, why not get seawater? But for countries that are located deep in the continent and have no sea, it is right to get rock salt.


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