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Why does the climate affect health?

Ancient Chinese medicine scientists said that:

Humans live in a natural environment.

The change of climate will affect the normal circulation of blood in the body, causing disturbed functions.

The qi decreases.

  • The yin and yang are imbalanced, making the body susceptible to the evil qi that causes disease.

So human life is closely related to climate change.

The Jiangnan region of China has a proverb: “Yellow vegetable flowers, a lot of crazy diseases,” which means that every spring comes, people with a mental health condition easily arise. This is because the spring changes from cold to hot, the function of cells, the secretory system, and the activity of the body’s nerve centers after it undergoes cold suppression of winter and begins to develop. The trend of prosperity increases; the uptake of excretion also increases.

According to the New York Psychiatric Hospital, psychiatric patients who stayed in the hospital for a long time. Before spring came, they had illness symptoms such as insomnia, unstable mood, vague dreams, or anger. Then, the patient’s morale is also distinctly different from other seasons.

Hepatitis is a serious disease that affects the health of people. According to the experiment, the air temperature is from 0 ° C – 20 ° C, the pressure is from 972 – 982 mPa, the relative humidity is from 55% – 85%, the number of hours of sunshine and moonlight is from 90-200 hours. Favorable conditions for the development of hepatitis. That weather condition is the only springtime. So spring is the season of developing hepatitis.

The spring is warm; the epidemic of encephalitis also develops very rapidly. This disease peaks from January to April. After May, it gradually decreases. Since encephalitis is the type of developed strep, it prefers a warm, dry environment and low air pressure.

Spring comes through summer, the climate is hotter, and the surroundings are unbearable. Under such conditions, the body sweats a lot to maintain temperature balance. If the air temperature is too high, causing excessive sweating, the body temperature is out of balance, causing the body temperature to rise, which will seriously harm health. When the fever is high, the patient breathes and has a rapid pulse, dizziness, hangover, tinnitus, etc. It is heatstroke caused by heat.

Each time the weather changes, people with arthritis often feel joint pain. Based on the observations and investigation of arthritis, it was found that when the air is dry, wet, hot, and cold, and the change in air pressure exceeds a certain range, it is easy to develop the disease. If the air temperature fluctuation is greater than ± 3 ° C, average air pressure over two days is greater than five mPa; relative humidity is greater than ± 10%. The probability of developing arthritis increases forward.

People with tracheitis and bronchial asthma both know very well that: in autumn and winter, especially when the cold northwest winds come, the disease often occurs seriously. New York Hospital investigated a series of patients found that: when the average daily temperature is lower than or equal to 0 ° C if the temperature between before and after two days is greater than 3 ° C, the disease is more severe. However, when it is warm, the average daily temperature is greater than 12 ° C, relative humidity is greater than 85%, and on rainy days, the disease is relatively stable. Therefore, it can be seen that cold and dry air is the main cause of chronic tracheitis and bronchial asthma.

Weather variability also directly affects mortality. According to statistics, the highest probability of New Work death occurs in winter (January or February). From winter to summer, the probability of death drops very quickly. After June, the probability of death gradually increases. This proves that mortality is associated with clear seasonal variation. Cold, wet, and cool moisture is the main cause. But sometimes, when temperatures are unusually high, the mortality rate also increases. For example, at the beginning of August 1975 in the US, there was a prolonged heatwave. On August 3, compared with July 31, the death rate increased to 16%, most of them are elderly. Because during the aging process, the sweat glands’ function gradually weakens, so the elderly cannot adapt to the large temperature changes.

Climate change drastically affects the body’s health, but only measures to change the corresponding weather will be safely overcome. For example, in the transition from cold to the warm season, pay attention to keep warm, especially after doing many exercises. You should not take off your shirt immediately, keep a clean environment, often open windows, dry the sheets, and be wary of infectious bacterial diseases. Children under 12 years old must be vaccinated, increase exercise, and provide enough nutrition. This can achieve the goal of disease prevention.


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