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Why does the volcano affect the weather?

From June to July 1783, the icy region near the Arctic had created two volcanoes. The scene was recorded as follows: When the volcano erupted, dust flew in all four directions. In the south of France, the Sun has risen 17 degrees from the ground but cannot see. In England, the Sun rising 20 degrees above the ground is just a red halo. In Italy, the sky was bleak with no sunlight. Fire dust covers Europe.

In 1815 the volcano in Indonesia broke out. The roaring noise, 1750 km away, was also clearly heard. Each stream of lava mud sprayed 40 km away, killing tens of thousands of people. Dust covering the air made the United States the least common cold in history the following year. In that year, the United States was cold in all four seasons and snow in June, frosty in July, making crops in Northeast America without harvest. Someone wrote in the diary as follows: “On July 7, I have to wear a fleece shirt to work. I have to wear gloves when I get back home, I must wear gloves.”

May 18, May 25, June 12, and July 22, 1980, the volcano in the US state of Washington exploded four times, each time the dust in the form of mushroom-shaped clouds rose, like an atomic bomb explosion. . It was dark, the day suddenly turned into night, fingers could not be raised. Because the volcano is the dust air stream moving in the air, the Changjiang basin of China experienced cold weather in the middle of summer and August. Taking Shanghai as an example, the monthly average temperature is only 24.8 ° C, compared with the normal low of 3 ° C.

Volcanoes keep climates cold because a large amount of dust covers the sky. In the thick dust, layer air can reach 0.5 – 3 km, and in the troposphere, they float for 1-2 years, thus causing the solar radiation to decrease by 10% – 20%. The addition of volcanic dust causes the steam to condense into water droplets, forming clouds and rain. In a cloudy air and water will naturally reduce the heat radiation of the Sun. So when the volcano explodes, from 1-2 years later, the climate in some parts of the Earth will be colder, especially in the summer.




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