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Why does tree lightning or ball-like lightning appear?

Late in the summer, fire clouds are often heated by the hot ground afternoon, plus the effect of exothermic condensation that develops into succulent clouds. These clouds are like the roots of a great tree, swollen everywhere, in all shapes and sizes. In places where the afternoon sun shines on the clouds, the color is dark red, and in the places where the sun is hidden, the color is black. On edge, the clouds have a rain path connecting to the horizon and on top of red, yellow clouds, reaching to the top of the sky. There is a flash through the bottom like a silver serpent, or dry twigs reversed, sometimes flashed, sometimes extinguished in the clouds.

When there is lightning (lightning2), the black cloud becomes red, like a steel bar just taken from the oven. Why is lightning (lightning) shaped like inverted dry branches?

When thunderstorms appear, the lower part of the cloud has a negative charge; the ground touch has a positive charge. First of all, the flash was due to the negative charge from the bottom of the cloud hitting the ground; that process is called “guide lightning”; it works to open the way. Lightning is not always smooth sailing. First of all, it is directed to places where positively charged are mixed up at the bottom of the cloud. These positive changes are due to the induced ground forming at the tip of objects because they are mutually exclusive and diffuse into the air, carried by the air layer’s turbulent motion at the bottom of the cloud. Thus the distribution is not uniform.

Guiding lightning is usually directed towards an area of ​​a concentrated positive charge. If there are many areas with positive charge concentrations nearby, the lightning will branch out. Lightning generally develops in humid places and rarely hits dry areas. Since they stay away from the dry and find the wet area, the lightning path is winding, twisting to go deep down where the positive charge is wetter. In some places, it continues to branch to grow. Where it reaches, it brings the negative charge there. That is why the shape of the flash takes the form of an inverted dry branch. But on the way, the light is not strong. The tip of the lightning reaches the bottom when close to the ground. It meets the positive charge on sharp objects, attracted by the negative charges of lightning, the positive and negative charges are neutralized. that light is strong. Since the positive charges from the ground rise along the old path of the lightning, the lightning’s light also has an inverted dry branch pattern. This type of lightning is called feedback lightning.

When the lead lightning hits the ground, it usually turns into ball lightning (or ball lightning). These are electrically charged spherical gases with diameters between 10 and 20 cm. These spheres are so light that they can fly with the wind, transform into the slits of the door, and then restore into a sphere. It usually goes along wires, pipes, and hot air; it often makes a whirring sound when it moves. It can be red or yellow like a kumquat; it can be blue or light red. Lightning was seen a year in the north of Jiangsu province, a cloud of lightning that followed a running rabbit and entered the lawn. Then it was discovered that at the end of the burned grass, a rabbit died. In Duong Kinh Dong Street, Shanghai, during a lightning strike, people found a fireball from a window in the north entered the second-floor room running around the wall and then out of that window, at the same time let out a loud bang, then went missing. Later, a pothole was found at the foot of the wall in the window’s left corner with a hole 20 cm deep. That is caused by lightning.

The cause of the bridge lightning formation so far has not been clarified; there are many theories. For example, some people think it occurs where the twisted line of lightning leads; others think it occurs where lightning strikes. Its formation is related to the high temperature of tens of thousands of degrees of lightning. It may have a vortex movement, its composition consisting of positive charges and ions in the air. Someone has also experimented with creating artificial lightning. Therefore, for this issue, further research and discovery are required.



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