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Why does weather forecast must also use a computer?

Meteorological stations forecast the weather by many methods: in addition to forecasts by maps, people also use computers, modern tools to conduct forecasts. Meteorologists call this forecasting method “numerical forecast,” i.e., forecasting data and forecasting numerical statistics.

Numerical prediction is the application of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics, high-level mathematics, etc., to study the laws of physical changes in weather. Based on the air’s moving characteristics to draw mathematical equations reflecting these physical laws (i.e., a combination of equations for forecasting weather). Based on some known conditions ( such as pressure, temperature, humidity, wind intensity of a given day) to solve this group of equations, thereby deriving the results of specific weather changes in the future, thus achieving the item specific destination of the forecast.

Predicting numerical statistics is the application of some theories and methods of statistical mathematics. Simultaneously, it bases a large amount of weather data in history to find equations of statistical laws to describe changes in weather and climate. Use it to evaluate whether trends over a long time so that meteorological factors can be predicted in the coming days. These two types of methods refer to data and computational algorithms. If only based on popular computing tools, it will not keep up with the changing weather and wait until the results are calculated. The weather has changed, losing predictive significance.

Thanks to computer technology development, we have had a fast and reliable calculation tool, so it will be possible to apply all the arithmetic methods, using addition calculations, subtract, multiply, and divide to solve equations. In solving, we make the equations in order. The data on the observed regions’ meteorological factors into the computer, then press the computer command to give the result, completing a large number of Computations complicated but very reliable.

But since forecasting methods often still have problems with weather variability, it is important to continue improving weather monitoring to get more specific and complete data and find out. Methods to express the laws of actual variation of weather so that computers can give accurate forecast results.




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