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Why is electromagnetic radiation also a kind of environmental pollution?

Why is electromagnetic radiation also a kind of environmental pollution?

Please turn on the radio or television, and we can immediately hear or see good performances. There are electromagnetic waves emitted by radio and television stations into the surrounding space, bringing the signal of the show to thousands of houses of ten thousand households. Cell phones have no wires that can also chat with each other. It is also thanks to the electromagnetic waves. In addition to that, there are many devices such as radar, high-frequency welding machine and high-frequency annealing equipment, heat treatment equipment, short and ultra short wave therapy equipment, microwave heating and radiating devices, are constantly emitting electromagnetic waves into the surrounding space. You absolutely cannot feel it, but we do live in an environment full of electromagnetic waves.

At the same time providing great convenience for people, electromagnetic waves cannot avoid causing some harm. For example, electromagnetic wave noise can interfere with electronic equipment, clocks, and electrical tools, causing errors in information and difficult control. When we watch TV, we experience flicker and “white spots,” usually because of interference from nearby electromagnetic waves. Interference from electromagnetic waves can have even more serious consequences. For example, the erroneous forming of railway control signals leads to malfunctioning of locomotives; Incorrectly forming the flight direction indicator will lead to the loss of control of the aircraft, rockets, and artificial satellites, etc.

radiation also directly threatens human health. Microwaves are a type of electromagnetic wave. Microwaves use microwaves to illuminate food, heat, and cook food. Thereby we see, if there is a microwave around us, it shines on our body, that body will also be “heated,” “cooked” non-stop. How dangerous it is for the health of the body! The research results show that, if people are exposed to electromagnetic radiation for a long time, people will develop nervous breakdown symptoms such as lethargy, memory loss, etc., along with symptoms of heart palpitations and arrhythmia, chest tightness, impaired vision, etc. Electromagnetic radiation has constituted a great threat to the human environment, becoming a major environmental spoiler that people pay great attention to. Electromagnetic radiation has become a real kind of environmental pollution.

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To control electromagnetic pollution, the World Health Organization and the International Radiation Protection Association have developed the “Rules of Environmental Sanitation” and the relevant electromagnetic radiation intensity standard. The Chinese Ministry of Health also announced the “Electromagnetic Wave Environmental Sanitation Standard” in December 1987. Faced with increasingly severe electromagnetic pollution, do we have any protective measures? The main measures include:

  • Moving the source of electromagnetic pollution away from crowded residential areas.
  • Improving electrical equipment.
  • Reducing electromagnetic leakage.
  • Installing electromagnetic shielding equipment.
  • Lowering the intensity of electromagnetic fields.

Humans take advantage of electromagnetic waves, just like taking advantage of other resources; only after deeply understanding them can we both make them serve the best for human welfare and not let them harm the human environment.


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