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Why is it easy for lightning to strike tall, solitary objects?

The bottom of thunderstorm clouds is often electrically charged. This electrical energy causes the ground to induce induction, to produce clusters of opposite charges. If the cloud is positively charged, the ground is negatively charged, whereas the cloud is negatively charged, the ground is positively charged. The charge of the ground is called “induced charge.”

This type of inductive charge has the same properties over a small area of ​​the ground. Examples are either positive or negative. As we all know, the same charge will repel each other. The result of this elimination causes charges to be redistributed on the ground. The force of this elimination is distributed in the directions; the rough and undulating ground will be smaller than the flat ground. So the charges will move to the most concave ground; that is, inductive charges will be concentrated, high density in the bends.

Tall objects also form part of the earth. Because it was tall, it was the most bend on the ground; inductive electricity was concentrated there. It has a very strong pull on the cloud.

Therefore, when encountering a thunderstorm, we absolutely should not avoid the rain under tall objects such as flagpoles, tall trees, sharp towers, chimneys, or electric poles because there is susceptible to lightning. On the other hand, people also use this feature to install lightning protection devices to protect structures.

Lightning arresters (lightning rods) are metal columns placed on top of the architecture, below ground. It attracts lightning of the column itself’s vicinity. It is responsible for the electrical connection, causing lightning to be transmitted to the ground. So lightning should have hit the pinnacle of architecture but was eventually avoided.


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