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Why is it very hot before the rain?

Early in the morning, when the Sun was just high, the air was very hot. The fan is spinning, but the perspiration is still sweating, not only hot but also hot; everyone says, “Oi this is definitely a thunderstorm.” Isn’t it hot in hot weather? So much!

In the summer, most places have thunderstorms because thunderstorms need to have two conditions: the ground temperature must be high, and the humidity must be high. The ground heats, the air layer’s temperature close to the ground increases, becomes lighter, and flies higher. But if it’s hot and the air is dry, there can be no thunderstorms. Only with great humidity does the wet air rise up that accumulates clouds of water. When cloud accumulates in the sky, thunderstorms will arise.

The air temperature is high, the water vapor is much, at that time the water on the ground does not evaporate easily, sweat on the body is difficult to dry, so we feel extremely hot. Everyone has the following experience: when in the bathroom, we feel both hot and muggy, which is because, in the shower, the temperature is high, the steam a lot. So, drowsiness is a sign of a lot of water vapor in the air, high temperature, which is also a predictor of an imminent thunderstorm. But there are times when the air is sultry, but we still don’t have any rain. This is because the range of summer thunderstorms is relatively small, with thunderstorms elsewhere, and we don’t rain.



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