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Why is the right half of the direction of the tornado dangerous?

A cyclone (low pressure) is a storm of air that swirls with great speed. Not only does it have a fast rotation speed, but it also moves forward. Normally, we hear the Radio report: “The tornado has a speed of x x km / h, the direction of displacement x x.”

That was the speed of the whirlwind’s moving forward, also the movement speed of the center of the tornado. This speed is generally only a few kilometers to a few tens of kilometers per hour.

And the turbulence speed of the wind is extremely great, can reach 100 m / s, which is about the vortex speed. How could a tornado with such a vortex speed cause a tsunami, topple ships, collapse houses on the ground, or even uproot large trees?

When ships traveling on the sea encounter a whirlwind, they must stay away; if they do not keep up, they must know how to take advantage of the law of the whirlwind, avoid the right half on the way forward of the whirlwind, and run to the left half reduce danger.

Why is the right side of the upward whirlwind dangerous and the left half less dangerous?

Wind direction on the right half of the cyclone’s upward direction is consistent with the cyclone’s direction, so boats are easily drawn into the center, but near the center, the wind is extremely strong, so it is extremely dangerous. Because the wind direction on the right half of the cyclone’s path coincided with the direction of travel, the combined wind speed was doubled. The left half of the wind direction is the opposite of the tornado’s direction, so the speed is only equal to the two speeds. So the wind speed on the right half is much higher than the left half, and the waves are also higher. When a cyclone over the Pacific goes westward, its right side is usually a very strong sub-tropical high-pressure column. The cyclone itself is a very low-pressure gas, so the difference in pressure per one. The distance unit on the tornado’s right side is much larger than the left side, so the right half wind speed is also greater than the left side.

Furthermore, if the tornado changed direction, it mostly shifted to the right, so the boats on the right could easily be caught in the center of the tornado.

The above analysis belongs to the cyclone in the Northern Hemisphere. If a train travels in the southern hemisphere, it’s the exact opposite: the left half is dangerous, the right half is less dangerous.


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