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Why is the solar system structured as it is today?

As we know, the solar system does not necessarily have to be structured as it is today. It can be arranged differently. Many solar systems in the universe have a different arrangement from our solar system. The arrangement of each solar system – one type, the other – depends initially.

Humanity has invented several laws according to which the solar system is arranged in its present way. Earth, as well as other planets, move in orbit around the sun. The time it takes for the Earth to make one full revolution around the sun is one year. Other planets in the solar system orbit larger or smaller than the orbit of the Earth. Astronomers have not yet adequately explained the formation of the sun nor how planets of that size, at that position, follow that orbit. Scientists have given many theories to explain those phenomena. However, the hypotheses can be attributed to two groups.

The first group of hypotheses argued that the planets were part of a solar shift from a mass of heat that rotated around themselves, which had today’s stature and luminosity.
The second group of hypotheses suggests that a certain star accidentally flew across the sun in very ancient times, sending some sun fragments off, which then kept moving around the sun. , then slowly cool down and become planets.

Regardless of which group of hypotheses is correct, it can be said that the current solar system is also more or less lucky. Why is the solar system so arranged? kepler’s law of planetary motion states: “the orbit of each planet is an oval where the sun is a focal point” and that “the planet moves faster when it is near the sun and more slowly when it is away.” There is a proportional relationship between the distance and time between the position of the sun and that of the planet. Newton’s law of gravity explains how two things are gravitationally attractive.

With the above laws, we can understand why the solar system is so arranged.



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