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Why is the temperature and temperature change in the Northern Hemisphere more variable than in the Southern Hemisphere?

Why is the temperature and temperature change in the Northern Hemisphere more variable than in the Southern Hemisphere?

In one year, the Sun is shining on the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere almost the same. The only difference is that summer in the Northern Hemisphere is less than that in the Southern Hemisphere, and winters in the Northern Hemisphere are longer than that in the Southern Hemisphere. But the temperature variation of the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere differs greatly. The northern hemisphere changed a lot, while the southern hemisphere changed a little.

The seasons in the Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere are opposite. When the North is the summer that receives the most solar heat, the South is Southter that receives the least. January every year can represent the coldest season in the North; it is the hottest South. JulySouthhe the hottest season in the North, and it is the coldest South period.

In principle, the ground that receives the same heat will increase the same temperature. But in fact, in January in the North and July in the South, July in the North and January in the South, the temperature varies greatly. First, take the average temperature of one hemisphere to consider. January in the Northern Hemisphere 8.1 ° C, July 22.4 ° C, 13.4 ° C apart, January in the Southern Hemisphere 17 ° C, July 9.7 ° C only each other 7.3 ° C. Again, we take the average temperature of the separate latitude to consider, for example, 40 degrees north of January is 5 ° C, July is 24 ° C, a difference of 19 ° C, 40 degrees of South of JaSouth is 15, 6 ° C, July 9 ° C, only 6.6 ° C difference. Finally, take the average temperature of the individual places. For example, January in Beijing is – 4.7 ° C, July is 26 ° C, with a difference of 30.7 ° C. In Mormon (South Australia), January is 20.6 ° C, July is 9.8 ° C, with a difference of only 10.8 ° C.

The above situation shows that although the same sunlight radiation conditions, hot, cold, and cold change very differently. What is it for? The reason is that the Sun’s radiant heat, although the source causes the air heater to heat up, but directly affects the hot and cold air change is the radiant heat of the ground little. The ground absorbs the Sun’s heat while simultaneously emitting heat. The ground condition that receives and discharges heat is complicated because there are many different soil and rock types with different properties. For example, water, rocks, soil, trees, houses, etc., these objects absorb solar energy differently. Taking continents and oceans to say, because their heat capacity is different, so heat absorption and release, the direction of heat transfer is very different. As a result, there is very little temperature variation in the sea, while the change in the heat on land is always very large.

The Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere areas are similar, but the distribution of sea and continent across the two hemispheres is very different. The continental northern hemisphere is very large. Continental area in the Northern Hemisphere accounts for 39% of the hemisphere’s total area, while the area of ​​sea accounts for 81%. Because of ​​the Southern Sea’s large area in the Southern Hemisphere, in the summer when the Sun is very strong, seawater has stored a huge amount of heat. In winter, when the Sun is weak, the seawater emits a lot of heat. That makes summer in the sea not too hot, and winter is not too cold. The temperature change in a year is not as large as in the Northern Hemisphere.



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