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Why is the wind on the water stronger than on the land?

On hot summer nights, people often like to stay cool on the banks of rivers, lakes, or bridges. This is because not only is the air temperature lower, but the wind is also stronger. It was almost unbelievable to say it, but there was a huge difference within a few dozen meters.

This is because the lake surface and wind are less obstructed than on the bank, so the wind resistance is small. There are sections of the river facing the wind mouth. As the air moves into the river bed, the speed is much faster. All of this makes the wind speed on the banks and banks of the lake stronger, and it can be seen that, Whether during the day or at night, the winds on the banks of the rivers and lakes are often stronger than inland.

The boatmen have a feeling: when the ship leaves the port, the wind is strong. Strong winds are mainly related to the increasing speed of the train. If the train stopped, then the wind would be the same. But when the vessel exits the river mouth and joins the sea, the wind is still much stronger than the ship exits the port even if the ship stops. This is because the wind at sea is stronger than on land.

There are few obstructions on the sea surface, the friction force for the air is weak, while on the ground, the ground is rough, the terrain is complicated, trees are shielded a lot, so the friction force against the air bigger.


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