Home Physical Why splashed frosted glass will be transparent?

Why splashed frosted glass will be transparent?

Why splashed frosted glass will be transparent?

Have you seen the frosted glass yet? Although light can pass through it, it is not as transparent as ordinary glass; it prevents things from being seen behind its back. Installing translucent glass on toilets and toilets can make the interior light full, and the outside to see what’s inside.

Why does frosted glass have such a feature? Using your hand, you can detect, frosted glass has a rough surface that is not flat like paper. Light rays that fall on and off the glass are all refracted. If both sides of the glass are flat, the two refractions are very regular. We can also see the object behind. The frosted glass has a non-smooth side, which causes the incoming light rays to scatter out irregularly. So when looking through the translucent glass, we cannot see the object.

Suppose the frosted glass is poured into the water, a water layer sticks to the rough surface. In that case, the water fills the rough surface’s low indentations, causing the leveling effect, making the uneven rough surface become a smooth water surface. Smooth, light rays shining through it, when it is generated refraction will be relatively more regular. Meanwhile, the frosted glass’s transparent state is improved. By looking through it can also see the opposite object. By the time the water evaporated, the rough surface dried, it was restored to its opaque state again.

However, the light rays shining through the rough surface and water contact still have some irregular refraction, so the water-splashed frosted glass is not as transparent as conventional glass. Besides, if the splashed face is glossy, not rough, then the frosted glass is still not as transparent as before. So, toilets and toilets are fitted with frosted glass, and the glossy side always turns out, the rough face turns inward.




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