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Why study the relationship between crops and climate?

Plants grown in a year go through the following phases: sprouting, leafing, blossoming, fruit, deciduous. Year after year is usually unchanged. It is a relational phenomenon between crops and climate. It is easy to find out that the annual time of the sprouting, leafing, blooming, and defoliation phases are often not the same, i.e., There is an early year, a late year. Why is there such a phenomenon? This is mainly due to the weather conditions of different years. This shows that late or early weather can be reflected in the relationship between the crop and the climate.

According to the weather, in agriculture, taking into account the location can be less forceful and still can harvest a lot. On the other hand, if you do not agree with the weather, it will take a lot of effort based on the subjective will to cultivate. The harvest is still little. The truth is so. For example, in 1962, the Canadian climate was relatively cold. Peaches, wild plums, and lilacs bloom ten days slower than in 1961, 5-6 days later than in 1960, but New York suburban farmers do not sow according to this delay. Sowing and fertilizing according to the habit of the previous year leading to crop failure in agriculture. It is because of not studying the seasons, not knowing the weather.

Only in the second half of the nineteenth century, Americans observed
records on crop relations and weather, so oranges, mandarin, elm, and cowpea were collected. China sent people to China to work at Agricultural Universities, collecting data from the provinces. The district is concerned with the above crops for weather and studies their suitability to climatic conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, etc. Finally, when deciding to plant oranges and tangerines in California, diaspora migrations to Florida, cowpea migrations to Central and Western America, they achieved success.

In the early twentieth century, arterioles in the United States were very seriously sick with hoppers. American agronomists have based on the records of the relationship between crops and weather, so they sowed seeds early, waited until disease-causing butterflies appeared, they had finished harvesting. Thereby, it is clear how important research and application of the relationship between crops and weather is agricultural production. There is no blame someone said: it is the science that helps agriculture get a good harvest.




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