About Us

About us

Kiwiwap started in 2018; after years of working in the media industry, we realized that the need to learn about the world of people and the universe was so huge that we created the website kiwiwap.com with The idea is to gather the knowledge of humankind in all aspects of life. We answer questions, terminology, natural phenomena, or common mysteries in life. Of course, knowledge is infinite, so we always listen, absorb, learn, and want more readers’ comments. Through the comments of our readers, we will verify with the most accurate and reputable documents. We want to provide scientific insights from every aspect of our lives in a way that is easy for people to understand quickly.

With the editorial staff with many years of experience and knowledge in different areas of life, we always want people to understand the earth, the universe, the atmosphere around us to love life more.
We hope this website will help you expand, cultivate more knowledge, especially apply it in daily life. Although we are the people who have time to study in-depth about natural phenomena, the movement laws of the world, the history of formation … however, there are many secrets about the world, people … around I still cannot explain it in detail. Therefore, we try to use our knowledge, refer to the official, specialized and reputable documents on leading magazines and websites to provide the most accurate information for our readers.

All contributions, feedback, please send to the following address. Kiwiwap would like to thank you.