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Why do clouds have different colors?

Why do clouds have different colors?

You must have seen clouds of many colors. There are fluffy white clouds, dark gray clouds, thanks to gray clouds, pink or purple clouds, and so on. Where do clouds have many real colors? You know, without answering, it is drawn by the pen nib naturally.

The thin thickness of the clouds varies greatly. Thick can reach 7000 – 8000 m, only a few tens of meters thin. There are stratospheric clouds throughout the sky or accumulate in individual clouds, with wave-like clouds, etc., many types. The layer of clouds is very thick when thunderstorms can gather in the corner of the sky. Sunlight, or Moon, cannot shine through. The cloudy color is very black. The stratospheric clouds are a bit thinner, and the waveform clouds are grayer, especially the gray waves on the coasts. Thin clouds of sunlight are easy to shine through, especially thin clouds of ice crystals, and clouds through the sunlight are particularly clear, like very bright cotton fibers. No matter what kind of clouds there are in the sky, sunlight or the moon still cast shadows on objects on the ground.

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There are times when the clouds made by ice crystals are so thin that they are barely visible, but as long as you see the Sun or the Moon with a few halos, you can tell if there are clouds. This type of cloud is called a thin veil cloud. It is made up of individual thick clouds; because of its great thickness, most of the sunlight is reflected on the side of the Sun, so the color is very white. The face below, because sunlight cannot penetrate, is gray-black.

When the Sun rises or sets, the Sun shines obliquely, through very thick clouds, air particles, water vapor, and impurities will scatter. Most of the shortwave light and red light and the long wave orange have very little scattering, thus penetrating the ground’s cloud layer. Light with long light (especially red light) dominates. At that time, the horizon on the sunrise or the sunset side is red; even the underside and the clouds’ outlines are projected light turns red.
Because clouds are made up of water particles or ice crystals or a mixture of the two, so when the Sun shines, they create beautiful halos or rainbows.


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