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How big is our universe ?

How big is our universe

The human mind cannot properly imagine the stature of the universe. Not only was it impossible to even imagine how big it would have been.

Starting from the earth, we will see why this is so. The earth is part – and only a tiny fraction – of the solar system including the sun, the planets orbiting it, asteroids and other celestial bodies. The whole “our” solar system is only part – and only a tiny fraction – of another larger system called the galaxy (or galaxy). The galaxy is a system of millions of stars, many of which are much larger than our “sun”. and these stars also have their own solar system.

galaxy photo

The stars that we see in our “our” galaxy are also the suns. They are so far away from us that it is impossible to use units of length such as miles or kilometres but must use units of “light years”. To understand how many kilometres a light year is, take 300,000 km times the number of seconds in a year. If you like it, the number is represented by math like this: 9,461×1012 km. You count to go.

The nearest star to the earth is called alpha Centauri – again, closest to the earth – is also 4.3 light-years away.What shape and size is our “galaxy”? it is disk-shaped, slightly bulging in the centre, about 100,000 light-years across and about 20,000 light-years thick in the centre. However our “our” galaxy is just a tiny fraction of another larger system. in addition to the “our” galaxy system, there are millions of other galactic systems …

That’s why we understand why we cannot imagine the size of the universe. Moreover, scientists also believe that the universe is “expanding”. That means that in just a few billion years, two galaxies can be separated from each other by a distance twice the previous distance.



James Smith
I used to look up at the sky when I was a child and wonder what's in those stars. Growing up, when I had the opportunity to contact the source of human knowledge, I had more knowledge about the universe, the natural world, and created laws. Being the founder of Wikiwap is where I can share my understanding of the world around me in a simple way that readers can access knowledge like a child. You and I are parts of the world; life will always be beautiful.


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