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Why can a flute blow out music?

Why can a flute blow out music?

Musical instruments, such as armonica, violin, piano, etc., can play different kinds of music. We don’t feel strange because in acmônica there is a chicken tongue, the violin has a string in the piano there are different rough, thin wires. The vibration of objects such as chicken tongues, strings, steel wire, etc., gave birth to sounds that make good music.

So a bamboo flute, there is nothing inside, only a few holes in the tube, how can it blow out music?
Vibrating objects cause sound. A chuckle, string, or vibrating steel string can make a sound. Similarly, when the liquid and the gas happen to oscillate violently, a sound will be produced.

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Inside the flute is just air, but it’s an invisible column of air. When an external force stimulates it, it will emit sound at a certain frequency. The longer the air column, the lower the frequency, the lower the tone of the sound produced; the shorter the air column, the higher the frequency, the higher its tone. When you put your lips on the blowing hole, blowing out a stream of flat and narrow air to stimulate the air column in the flute, it made a sound. If all six holes were closed, inside the flute formed the longest air column, the tone of the lowest emitted sound; If you take turns letting go of the holes far and far from the blowing hole, the air column will be shorter than the previous one, and the sound will be higher than the previous one. People play the flute based on the song’s symbol, let go or close the different holes, making the air column suddenly short and short, will blow out the music smoothly.

Performers can also use “super blowing” methods, which increase the blowing pressure, which can blow out an octave higher than the original sound. For example, the “do” sound, the fingers do not change, use the way to blow the pepper, can blow out the “big” sound. So, the flute has only six holes, but it is still possible to blow up melodic songs in a talented performer’s hands.




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