Home Physical Why say dry ice is not ordinary tape?

Why say dry ice is not ordinary tape?

Why say dry ice is not ordinary tape?

Dry ice is also ice, but it is not ordinary ice. What is the difference between dry and normal ice?
Say dry ice is ice, because it is also a solid, shaped, sized solid material. However, ordinary bandwidth is a solid material formed by water at a pressure of 101.3 kPa (1 atm) and 0 ° C; dry ice is formed by carbon dioxide at low temperatures, at temperatures of -78 ° C. This type of dry ice formed from carbon dioxide has a greater density than ice in general, so the dry ice added to the water will sink, and the usual pieces of ice will float on the surface of the water.

Another feature of dry ice is “dry”. Under any conditions, dry ice is not wet, nor will it moisten surrounding objects. This is because once the dry ice gets heated, it will directly transform into carbon dioxide in the gaseous state, rather than undergoing the liquid phase. And the normal bandage when heated will “sweat” first, then the whole body is wet, and then completely melted into liquid water. Only when liquid water is heated to the boiling point (100 ° C) or higher will the normal bandwidth transform into vapor in the gaseous state.

dry ice photo

Dry ice is a widely used refrigerant. Using dry ice to cool food, not only does it moisten the food, but carbon dioxide gas formed by dry ice can also inhibit the growth of microorganisms; Reach the goal of making whole food fresh. The cooling function of dry ice also makes it listed as an effective fire extinguishing material, especially when throwing it into burning grease, the large amount of carbon dioxide released by dry ice will cut off. or sealing off the path of oxygen needed for burning, can quickly put out the fire. In the process of artificial rain, in creating a realistic scene of white clouds on stage, dry ice also plays a major role in those jobs.


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