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Why when the cat fell from the sky safety?

Why when the cat fell from the sky safety?

Cats have a bravery that makes people in awe: when they fall from a high place, not only will it not be crushed to death, but it can also peacefully fall to the ground, all four legs landing safely. Its ultimate technique is flipping herself in the air. You see, when it first fell, its spine was facing down, its four legs were up in the sky, but in that instant of falling, it had turned into a back facing upwards, its feet pointing to the ground, plus a pair of The claw has a thick padded meat pad. It’s the very elastic waist; of course, it can safely “land.” 

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From the end of the nineteenth century, a physicist was very interested in the skipping technique of the cat. He used a high-speed camera to capture the entire process of the cat’s falling, discovered that when it fell, the cat only needed 1/8 second to flip his body right away. We know that, without the force of the external force, the object initially did not rotate. When the cat begins to fall, it does not rotate; it is not subject to the fall’s external force moment. It should have kept that position to the ground. Then the cat has completed the upside-down movement

Some people think that in the process of falling, cats can turn themselves thanks to a quick flap of the tail to one side. Due to the principle of preserving angular momentum in mechanics, when the cat swings its tail to one side, the cat’s body will somersault across the other side. But through calculations, it was found that if the cat only relied on the tail to flop its body in the air, then within 1/8 second, at least the cat had to whip the tail a few dozen laps. Isn’t that the same as the propeller of an airplane?
Some physicists both photographed and videotaped and theoretically modeled, using electronic calculators to conduct calculations. The conclusion is: during the cat’s fall, the cat adopts its spine, in turn, to each side to turn around. We can see the figure: when the two hands holding the cat’s limbs let go, the angular momentum of the cat is zero. During the fall, although the cat is under the influence of gravity, due to gravity acting on the center of mass, the external force moment is zero. Therefore, at any point during the cat’s fall, the angular momentum is maintained at zero. When the cat falls from above, the cat will instinctively turn. The cat’s tail will then unfurl and swing in the opposite direction to maintain the cat’s total angular momentum to zero. Because the cat’s spine is relatively flexible, when turning the body, it can also allow the body and limbs to shrink, stretch out ingeniously, regulate the distribution of whole body weight, maintain momentum. Zero angles, to achieve the goal of turning yourself.

In sports competitions and skateboarding, the athletes must complete extremely difficult types of movement: turning over and spinning in the air for a few seconds after a high jump. Although these movements are much more complicated than flipping a cat’s body, the principle is the same, much like the other. Cosmic pilots, while traveling, due to their weightless state, their bodies suspended in the air, also have to learn their inverted cats’ techniques, using such methods to complete a series of movements forward, backward, turn around, etc.





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